Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Ode to Pesach

It comes around this time of year
And makes us all quite nuts
And I do mean that figuratively
Since we can't eat kitni-us

We plan, we clean, we scrub and shop
We spend our dough (ha!) quite freely
(But try to grab that last box of 'roons
And you will surely cause a melee)

Three weeks left! It won't get done!
I should have started sooner!
Grab that broom, those paper towels
And a big dose of emun-er

Just follow the rules, toss that bread
And if you abide by that condition
You'll celebrate Pesach in grand style
And thus avoid perdition.

This poem has been brought to you by: aliyahbyaccident

1 comment:

momz42854 said...

How do you continue to outdo yourself? that was incredible.