Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flu Fighters

Today, the children and I went to get vaccinated. It is still frighteningly hot outside - if you take your frozen chicken soup on a walk around the block, it'll be boiling by the time you get back. Grab a spoon and dig in! - they do warn us that winter is just around the corner, and with winter, comes the flu. Now, I am a big believer of medicine in all shapes and forms - shots, prescription painkillers, over-the-counter meds, cough syrups, antihistamines. You name it, it resides in our medicine drawer. Most problems, I have found, can be solved with a good dose of Children's Advil, may its name be blessed forever and ever. So I have always taken my kids to get flu shots. You don't even need an appointment here - just show up with that ubiquitous pinkas chisunim (vaccination booklets), take a number from one of those bakery-style number giver-outers, wait for your turn, and whamo, you're vaccinated. Last year I learned the trick of showing up a few minutes before 4:00 PM, when the vaccination doors open for their afternoon hours. We got there at 3:55 and there was only one person ahead of us. Whamo!

I had warned Ariella only a few minutes before that we were going, and Yaakov found out as we were waiting our turn. Neither of them was particularly thrilled. Ariella was angry (perhaps rightfully so), because I had told her that from now on, all her shots are given in school. I never qualified that statement with, "except for your flu shot." Bad Mommy.

We enter the room, and I volunteer to go first, to show the kids how it's done. I was very brave - no screaming or crying or kicking the nice nurse. Ariella decided she would go second.
"I am going to teach Yaakov how to be brave," she said confidently.
The nurse came near with a friendly smile.
"AHHHHHHHH! No no nononononononono!" she shrieked, jumping up and down, crossing her legs so he couldn't get to the shot spot, and generally performing a top-notch freak out performance.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!" shrieked Yaakov in response. (A good student, he learned well.)
"Yes, thanks for that, Ariella. It was a real help."

Needless (or needles?) to say, the children did both receive their vaccinations. Some of you, particularly me, will recall that last year, Donny came down with the flu. (It's in the archives somewhere, if you care to relive the experience; I, for one, do not.) It was a rough week, and Yaakov was sick then also. We suspect Yaakov also had a mild case of the flu, except because he had been vaccinated, he got away with a low fever for a few days, some lovely "nazelet" and coughing, and then it was done. No moaning on the couch, puking, or intense misery, like some others experienced. So in my opinion, the flu shot is well worth it. Hopefully Donny will get one as well, and the poor couch will be patient-free all winter. Amen. Yehi Ratzon.

And for those of you who are familiar with my parenting practices, you may have already guessed that this harrowing experience ended in a trip to the ice cream store. (The new one in Marlaz Center, for those of you Modi'inites. Well worth it, though they don't have a kiddie size scoop. No matter, my children polished off their cones in a matter of minutes, though a good third of Yaakov's chocolate was draped over his chin, shirt, and arm.)

(Speaking of the word "relive," - which we did before, keep up - here is a random thought: I was checking my email, and one of the lovely pieces of spam I receive is from Parents Magazine. The title of this email was, "Relive Your Baby's Diaper Rash!" I was so confused. Was it so great the first time? The redness, the crying, the all-around discomfort and ickiness? "Wow, honey, remember Josh's diaper rash? Wasn't that amazing? I just wish we could do it again! Let's not change his diaper for three days!" Then I realized it said, "relieve" not "relive." I either have to practice my English or get more sleep.)


Shani Berger said...

This reminded me of the time I had to hold my oldest son (7 years old at the time but very tall) while he got blood drawn and screamed and kicked the entire time. I hope that was not your experience. Our post blood drawing treat was a visit to the 99 cents store instead of ice cream where I probably spent about 10 dollars! Ice cream would have been better. we'll do that next time. Keep up the great blogging!

Gila Rose said...

well, so far Yaakov is still smaller than I am, so I usually win the fight when I have to hold him down. I am not looking forward to doing this when he's 16, though.

Sharon said...

Here is an anecdote to let you know that there is hope for the future and to provide a good laugh-I also tried to avoid any waiting in the office for the flu shots:I made an appt. for erev Sukkot at 9AM (FIRST IN THE DOOR-WOO HOO!!) for all five kids. FYI-Yonatan would beat up Dr. Schiff when he was Yaakov's age. All five sat on the table in age order, Dr. Schiff walked in the office, smiled, and said "oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest?" Yonatan happily replied "Oldest to youngest!" Ezra climbed off the table and watched each shot being given-Yonatan laughed, Akiva closed his eyes, Nava's eyes filled with tears, Rena asked to sit on my lap, and then we thought Ezra would just put out his arm after watching everyone so closely. When Dr. Schiff said it was HIS turn, Ezra turned around and kicked her in the shin. We were out the door at 9:10 and went straight to Noah's for Tangy Taffy.

Cheryl said...

Sharon - thanks for the laugh!

Gila Rose said...

i agree - great story, sharon!