Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Zoo!

Monday was Zoo Day. We got there before the rest of the family, so after feeding Yaakov "Again I'm Hungry" Rose, we started searching for animals. I hadn't been to the Biblical Zoo since my time in Michlalah lo these many moons ago. It was a very enjoyable experience. There was lots of shade and a nice breeze, and now that I'm Israeli, I thought the weather was quite pleasant (only high eighties! Practically chilly!)

The kids had a good time at the children's zoo, which Donny tried to convince them was a zoo where they display children:

("The Yaakovius Fuzzacious is a rare species; only one of its kind is known to exist. Indigenous to North America, it is now found primarily in Israel, munching on something, it doesn't really matter what. Its defining characteristic is its short, fuzzy hair, and soft blue blanket, which is integral to the Yaakovius' sleeping habits. The Yaakovius has often been observed sucking furiously on its thumb.
Habitat: Sandboxes, jungle gyms, on the couch watching "Cars." Loves to travel on trains and airplanes.
Diet: Fruit, chocolate sandwiches, cereal, lollipops
Weight: Currently about 16 kilo and 101 cm; expected to grow even taller than Mommy, one day."

"The Ariellus Shmickelonius is a rare, beautiful creature with very long legs and two missing teeth (expected to grow in soon). The Ariellus is often found in the company of one Bunny, with whom it has formed a special attachment nearly since birth. Scientists have observed this unique Ariellus-Bunny phenomenon and pondered what will happen to the Ariellus when Bunny finally disinegrates.
Habitat: Happiest in school, doing work. Also known to watch videos on the couch, with Bunny, sucking its thumb. Known for creating exceptional works of art.
Diet: Fruit, cereal, noodles, candy of all shapes and sizes.
Weight: 19 kilo without kitah aleph tik, approximately 500 kilo with it on.")

So the zoo was fun - animals, a playground, and artiks. What could be bad?

We got home and everyone collapsed for a while. For dinner since we have no sukkah - poor us - we were forced go to out to eat. [Sigh.] No, no, save your sympathy - we managed to survive. We went to the new Angelo's at Heichal HaTarbut and everyone got their favorites - the kids ate toasted cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk, Donny and I split a pasta and the halomi salad, Donny got wine and I got a strawberry-banana fruit shake. Yum! I am very proud that we have taught our kids two important life skills - hiking and restaurants.

Then the kids ran around outside the restaurant for a while (there's a big open space with lots of good hide-and-seek spots.) The highlight was when Donny and I were hiding and the kids were counting, and some Concerned Lady asked Ariella where her parents were! She explained to Concerned Lady that we were all playing "machboim," and luckily, we were not hauled off to Bad Mommy and Daddy Jail. (I've spent many a night there. Cold noodles and endless "Yuval" reruns. [Shudder.])

Today, we're having a lazy morning. I made the kids sandwiches for brunch, and Yaakov took his to the picnic table, where, completely on his own, he made a beautiful "layshayv babayit." We seriously need a sukkah next year.

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing adventures of the Roses Do Chol HaMoed....


OneTiredEma said...

But if you have your own sukkah, what will become of the early morning Real Estate chug in our sukkah???

izzy said...

Have you taken your kids to the monkey park near yaar ben shemen/gimzu? I suspect they would love it.

Tamar said...

Is it bad that I would have taken the toasts and shoko instead of pasta and salad?

Commenter Abbi said...

We were on our way to the zoo at 11 am on Monday, but I could not face the parking situation, so we turned around and went to the circus at Ein Chemed. Glad to hear it wasn't too crowded inside to enjoy!

Risa said...

That is hysterical that Yaakov made a "layshayv babayit." (That shows how well he knows Hebrew, very impressive.) My little one (shall we call him the Eliyahis Cutiepieus) wants to eat outside in the sukkah and also wants to bentch, over and over again. (Try explaining to a 2 year-old that you only need to bentch once per meal.)