Sunday, October 11, 2009

Which title?

First of all, I'd like to thank Momz for her guest post, and thanks to everyone who commented - she really feels the love.

So many titles for this post, I just couldn't decide. Should it be: "Lost in Dimri: Or, How Dadz Walked Into the Wrong Building, Climbed to the Wrong Fifth Floor, and Knocked on the Door of a Peevish Israeli?" (No one likes being woken up from their afternoon nap, especially by a wayward American.)

Or, "There Goes My Croc! But It's Okay Because Mommy Fished It Out of the Water," by Yaakov?

Or perhaps, "Torat Hashem Temima: Sing It Again, Ami." (Yaakov, though at first flummoxed that everyone at shul seemed to know his special song, was prepared the next time and sang along with gusto.)

Then there's always my socio-political treatise entitled, "Simchat Torah in Shimshoni: Who Forgot to Order the Kit-Kats?" (I was disappointed by the lack of candy on ST night - I mean, dancing in a circle can only motivate kids through like 4-5 hakafot, then they need candy - but I was suitably impressed by the daytime "sakiot" of treats, which my children determinedly and doggedly ate through in about 5.2 minutes.)

And then there's today, the "half day" of chag that my parents are keeping, which means no "second day minyan," but a very dark walk down the stairs for Dadz who had to get to shul this morning. (Actually, we made a Shabbat elevator for him by pressing all the necessary buttons. He did, however, walk to and from shul all by himself. Donny drove alongside him slowly with cups of Gatorade and towels.) So while Dadz couldn't go on the computer at all, there was nothing stopping him from reading over my shoulder as I perused the NYTimes headlines. Hence, the title of today's post could be: "You've Never Read the Times Like This Before: Don't Scroll Too Fast! Go Back Up! Now Back to the Front Page and Find the Book Review!"

So, you see, so many titles, so little time.

Overall, our ST was very nice; Donny's shoulders are sore, which means a good time was had by the kiddies, and Momz volunteered to entertain them Shabbat afternoon, so I got an actual nap in a bed. It was awesome. She even prevented two dangerous Yaakov naps; luckily, Ariella knows the trick to snap him out of it - sour sticks.

Today we took the kids to a little park - Ein Chemed - to air them out a bit. After many intense games of hide-and-seek in an old Crusader farmhouse, and the aforementioned Croc fiasco, we headed home to watch "Mary Poppins" yet again. (A present from M&D - the kiddies have watched it at least a dozen times since Wednesday. Momz and I are slowly going insane from humming "Step In time" over and over and over and over. And over. Never need a reason! Never need a rhyme! Shut off the movie! Step in time!)

Tonight the adults go out for one last shebang in Jerusalem; tomorrow, Choref Zman begins. Bye-bye Chofesh, see ya Pesach time. (In Modi'in, we'll be celebrating Choref Zman by reaching a staggering 35 degrees this week. For you farenheiters, that means VERY VERY HOT.) And tomorrow, of course, we bade farewell to Momz and Dadz. The Kleins and Roses, as well as the entire rugelach industry, is certainly sad to see them go.


OneTiredEma said...

THIRTY-FIVE? to quote my children quoting Diego, "OY, LO!"
Although. Today was supposed to be 32 and it didn't seem as terrible as 32 in August or September. Maybe because there's a breeze? Is that what makes fall around here?

Btw, I totally would have preferred real chocolate to the fake crap they handed out in the sakiot. I let my kids eat the strawberry flavored corn snacks in the park yesterday afternoon and they came home looking like Lizzie Borden. Yuck. Next time I am going to make them trade stuff in for Kinder Eggs (good chocolate + toy).

Safe travels to Momz and Dadz. I heard, btw, of sufganiyot case they're interested before they catch a plane.

Commenter Abbi said...

Did you go to the circus in Ein Chemed first day of chol hamoed? We did, it was a blast.

Very funny post, i like all the titles. I didn't even bother staying for the sakiot at my shul, it was taking them too long to get them out and my kids weren't really aware of the protocol, so they weren't really missing the additional crap in their lives that wasn't.

Baila said...

Once, we went rafting down the Yarden and I fell out of the boat (don't ask) and Orli laughed hysterically as the boat floated away with my sister-in-law and the rest of the gang. It took me twenty minutes to catch up and haul myself back into the boat, of course with Orli laughing hard enough to bust a rib. Then 5 minutes later her croc floated away and she cried like she lost, well, her mother.

Your post reminded me of that story and I felt like sharing. Don't thank me. I'm a giver (stolen from a very famous blogger).

Gila Rose said...

Tired, are you saying there's something wrong with banana-flavored bamba? Okay, the truth is that the kids had 3 bites then promptly chucked the rest.
And we did not get to the circus, although my acrobatics in fishing the croc out may have counted.
Baila - awesome story. I think, though, we'd all like to hear more about how you fell out of that boat in the first place....

Cheryl said...

Wow! Someone else knows about day and a half?? Midreshet Moriah preached it. I kept it and no one ever knows what I'm talking about!