Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hail the Conquering Hero

Well, only a few days left to vote in our latest poll, and so far - sorry, Momz and Baila - Chutes & Ladders is winning as Worst Children's Game Ever. If you haven't cast YOUR vote yet, it's not too late!

In aliyahbyaccident mazel tov news, a huge DOUBLE mazel tov goes out to Loyal Reader Shoshana, (Motto: "3 Under 3!") (Little boys, that is.) Well, Shoshana, as you know, I am somewhat of an expert on twin boys, having twin nephews myself, and I can tell you, that by the time they get to 25, it gets much easier. B'hatzlachah!

So our Intrepid Traveler has returned. Donny left Seattle early Sunday morning, and a mere 30 hours later, landed in Tel Aviv. Sans luggage, however. They do claim they know where his luggage is, and have promised to deliver it this morning. The sooner the better, because in addition to Donny having no pants left, (he looked quite fetching in my denim skirt this morning) the luggage is carrying some precious cargo: Woody, Buzz, and a Dora Leapster game. For the airline's sake, they better deliver quickly.

In children news, Ariella has started to do her own ponytail. At first I tried to convince her otherwise, but she was just so darn determined to do it that I let the independence win out. At first I thought it looked like her hair got caught in a KitchenAid; now I think it's more like she did her pony and then carefully applied an immersion blender. It's controlled chaos. Anyway, she is quite proud of herself, and the truth is, now that she does her own hair, she is nearly Mommy-free in the mornings. Which frees me up to chase Yaakov around the apartment while wielding a bowl of cereal and a pair of shorts, hoping each ends up in the right place.


Risa said...

At least Yaakov's hair is short. Could you imagine him trying to do his own ponytail?

ruthshane said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been lurking in the background, enjoying your blog immensely. Please forgive a poor Babylonian, but isn't the proper Israeli word for ponytail "kuku"?

Gila Rose said...

it is kuku, but for 30 years i said ponytail. hard to change. old habits and all.