Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Poll!

Well, Loyal Readers, it seems that Chutes & Ladders won (or lost?) decisively as Worst Children's Game Ever. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now, we have an aliyahbyaccident Loyal Reader in need. The aliyahbyaccident community is known far and wide as a (mostly) loving, caring, group of people who pull together when it counts; for example, to help Israel win his very first blogging contest by a staggering 8,000,000 to 15 (you can bring over that coffee anytime, Israel....). Now, we need your help again:
Risa "Two Kids, But Always Time to Comment" is in a pickle. She named her second son אילן. The reason I am writing this in Hebrew is not only to impress you, but also because Risa and her husband cannot decide on the spelling!
Elan or Ilan??? What should it be?

Now, Risa, it is interesting that you didn't have this dilemma with your first son. I don't remember any hand-wringing over "Eliyahu" or "Iliyahu?" But I respect your decision and your dilemma.

So Loyal Readers, throw your letter into the ring. I or E? What shall it be? E or I? Hope it's not a tie.

In weather news, we had our first serious rainstorm on Friday. I have never been so happy to see cold, rainy, windy weather. Yaakov deduced the following from his observations:
On Thursday, it rained when I was at gan.
On Friday, it rained when I was at gan.
Therefore, it rains when I am at gan. Even though it is bright and sunny on this Sunday morning, I will insist upon bringing my sweatshirt, because it will rain at gan. (Update: It did not rain at gan today. We are befuddled.)

Late-breaking news: Continuing the Little Boy trend - Mazel Tov to my brother and sister-in-law, RABBI Aaron and Ayelet Leibtag, on the birth of Little Boy #4!!!!!!


Israel W. said...

Ilan definetly with an I. That way it's spelled ok both in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French (not sure about the last one). We chose I for our own Ilan.

As per the cofee, how can I send that over to Dimri? And thanks again for the support during the contest.

Gila Rose said...

well, israel, i'm of two minds about the coffee. on the one hand, i love coffee. on the other hand, if you actually send me the coffee, then i cannot continue to make fun of you for not giving me the coffee. so you see, a dilemma.

Tamar said...

As a person with several unfortunate Hebrew name transliteration issues in the family - definitely the I! With the E, I think some would think it's Eylan (like E with a acute accent).

Baila said...

Of course, it should be Eelan.

Baila said...

And I still think Candyland is the WORST game ever. At least you get to go down a slide in C & Ls.

OneTiredEma said...

Freshman year in college I met two Elanas and two Elans. So that completely biased me for years, even though the next year I met two Ilanas.

Now one of my best friends is Ilana.

All to say...I'm confused. But since I spell Ema with an E, I'll vote...E. (eema is really a better sounding, though ridiculous looking, choice)

M"T on the new nephew. That is a lotta boys.

Arica said...

Mazel Tov on the new nephew! I actually saw it in the shul newsletter!

swendroff said...

I think Elan is the better choice. When you spell out Ilan you get a capital I next to a lower case el and in some fonts the 2 letters are identical. Also, makes his name and his initials match as they will both be EL. He will also match with his big brother and they can be known as big El and little El. Does my vote carry extra weight because I am Elan's first cousin twice removed?

Risa said...

Gila, Thanks for posting my querie as a poll. I hope all is well. MT on your new nephew. Cousin Sara, speak to your cousin, she is one of the people who mentioned that it should be spelled with an I. (I did notice the I and (lower case) L looking similar. So, the dilemma seems to remain. Gila, I think that Eliyahu is the pretty standard spelling. (I guess it's good that we gave them both English names- Eliyahu is Eric and Elan/Ilan is Alexander.)

riverdale25 said...

I much prefer Ilan with an "I," although I do know both types. Mazal tov on the new nephew!


I think the Levis should change everyone's spelling - Reesa, Erin, Eleeyahoo, and Eelan.

Donny said...

I think the Israelis prefer the spelling with "I". In the address book at work, the preference is to Ilan with 12 spellings of Ilan/Ilana to 7 for Elan/Elana.

I cannot explain why, but I prefer Ilan for a boy, but Elana for a girl.

RaggedyMom said...

I like Ilan, but Israel W.'s talk about French almost has me thinking of Ylan!

Lani said...

A stealth reader emerges...but this poll really speaks to me. As an Elana (and an Ema), I vote for Elan (it does have a certain flair in French...) I'm pretty sure that it's an Israeli thing to use an I for all the ee words - some random transliteration rule that I never understood.

Keep the blogs coming - they're great!

Lani (aka "L" friend of Momz & Dadz)