Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, it's good I didn't sign up to do this NaBloPloMoShoKo thing, like Baila, because right now my fog is a brain. I'm sure things have happened, I'm sure they were funny (well, at least funny to read about, if not experience), but I can't remember them. My brain has one track right now. Pillow and Blanket. Okay, two tracks: Pillow, Blanket, and Bed. Alright, three tracks - oh, never mind, forget the counting.* The point is, I can think only about sleep - how to get there, how to stay there, and more importantly, how to get the nocturnal visitors - who have various peeing, illness, and mosquito bite needs - to wake up DADDY. (Hey kids! He's your parent, too! Try him out for a while!)

So props to all you bloggers who are actually blogging every single day. I am mucho impressed. Kol Hakavod! Congratulations! Gluckwunsche! Now I must take the children - who are doing something with brooms, a Little Tikes bike, and a helmet on the mirpeset - and convince them they are tired and it's bedtime, for the very sound reason that I would like it to be MY bedtime.

(*With thanks to Monty Python)


Baila said...

When my kids were babies, I didn't try to get them to say "mommy". We worked on "abba". Not that it helped.

Hope you are sleeping well.

kathleen said...

Why is it that Daddy is for playing with and wrestling around with etc but not for waking up in the middle of the night??? In our house, Daddy sleeps through many of the ups and downs that is my night...

Gila Rose said...

yes, the "why bother daddy" phenomenom is a frequent cause of under-the-breath-muttering.

one time I asked the kids why they didn't just get daddy in the middle of the night. Their reply: "He was sleeping!"