Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Whatever you do, DON'T MENTION THE WAR!"

Today's highlights:

1. Donny has arrived safely and soundly in Berlin. Last I checked, he had eaten (leftover sandwiches from Ben-Gurion, but hey, it's food), and is holding true to his promise not to mention the war. However, he has been unsuccessful in tearing down more walls. He swears he is on the lookout for walls and will take them down when necessary. ("My dear Frau Hindenberg, there is a man in our living room. He has a sledgehammer and is knocking down ze walls." "Ach, Herr Hindenberg, he says he is here on a mission to knock down walls. Who am I to stop him? Here, have some sauerkraut with the kinder.")

2. My latest nephew has a name: Daniel Yissachar. I think it could be time for another name poll.... Daniel or Doniel?

3. Yaakov has figured out, alas, that batteries in toys can be replaced when they stop working. Oh well. So today he asked me to put fresh batteries in his screwdriver. (His favorite screwdriver activity? Sticking it in his ear and feeling the vibrations.) I obliged, good mommy that I am, and he proceeded to take the screwdriver and bash Ariella in the knee. Well, gee, Yaakov, you didn't need the batteries to do that.

4. Ariella is toranit for the week! This is cause for great excitement - I would sponsor another virtual kiddush, but I'm exhausted from this past week's. (It was great seeing everyone, by the way, especially when a certain someone got drunk and started belting out The Spice Girls' "If You Wanna Be My Lover" - you know who you are. Anyway, a fun time was had by all and thank you to all who participated.) So back to toranit. In short, this means she gets to boss people around, one of Ariella's favorite pastimes. Make sure each group has a clean area, pushed in chairs, etc. etc., and then tell the morah if a certain table has not abided by the rules. Toranit was invented for Ariella.

5. Question for the readers: Ariella asked a sight-related question a few weeks ago. How come people with green eyes do not see everything greenish? And I DO see with the whites of my eyes - because I can see things out of the sides of my eyes, where the white part is.

Anyone who can come up with a short, kid-friendly (and mommy-friendly) explanation of sight, feel free to do so. And try to leave out the whole "we really see things upside down and then our eyes turn it right side up." Everyone knows that's just something eye doctors made up to see if people are really that gullible.

So 100 New Poofahs to the best explanation of sight, and 30 NP's to whomever correctly identifies the source of the title of this post.

Until next time, auf wiedersehen!


Baila said...

"Go ask your abba. He's the scientific guy in the family."

SaraK said...

I am coming to your 'hood for the last Shabbat in December, would be so nice to see you! How far do you live from my aunt?


Monty Python! and it goes something like:
"...and this is nice Mr. Hilter, and he and his friends and planning to visit...where are you going, Mr. Hilter?"

"Ve are going!"

"Well, chap you've got the wrong map there, that's a map of London!"

it goes something like that. One of my favorites, next to "I'm a Lumberjack"


sorry, it is a Fawlty Towers episode, but there is a separate MP sketch which takes place in an inn where "Mr. Hilter" and his friends are planning the bombing of London and pretending to plan a trip to Tahiti. Dadz gets Poofahs this time.

Gila Rose said...

SaraK - where in the hood? do you know which neighborhood? and momz - shame on your for not knowing that! your bekius in monty python is weakening, i see.

trn said...

We see through our pupils, not through our irises or, despite your belief to the contrary, through the whites of our eyes. The iris controls the opening of the pupil; the pupil is a hole through which light enters the eye and therefore through which we see.

Hope this is helpful. Ariella asks good questions!

Gila Rose said...

thank you trn! you are now ABA's resident science expert!

trn said...

Aw. Thanks!