Friday, November 13, 2009

"I'll Be Back"

So our Intrepid Traveler has returned. He shuffled in at 4:30 AM, reeking of sauerkraut and cheese (he had a stopover in Zurich), dropped his suitcases on the floor, and promptly fell asleep. The Intrepid Pee-er was up not long after, so after taking care of his "needs," we "rested" on the couch together, until 5:30, when he decided he would rather "watch a movie."
When I woke up Ariella at 6:40, her first coherent word was, "Daddy!" I said, "You can go in and say hi to him right now, while I'm getting dressed, but then I'm going to close the door so Daddy can sleep." She thought for a minute as she stretched out on her bed.
"Nah, I'll just see him later." Truly her father's daughter - a few more minutes in bed trumps just about anything. ("Ariella, it's your wedding today. Get up." "Oh, I'll just stick my hair in a ponytail. Come back in fifteen minutes.")

Donny has come back with all sorts of goodies from the Deutschland, including, but not limited to, a puzzle for me (yay!), water bottles for the kiddies, the Kiddush book (don't ask), a can of vine leaves stuffed with something (really don't ask), a cookbook of yummy looking desserts authored and signed by Germany's most famous chef, and an annoying penchant for reciting his two German phrases over and over.
The cookbook is awesome, but the one teeny-weeny problem is that the ingredients are written in - get this - GERMAN! For this Shabbat, I was going to make "Griessflammeri Mit Marinierten Erdebeeren" but I'm out of "unbehandelten Zitrone" and I just used up my last "Grie8." (Lisa - do you have any I could borrow?)

It really is a shame, because the desserts look quite delicious; if any Loyal Readers are fluent in German, poofahs are available if you can translate the recipes for me.

Now it is time to transform our dining room table/kitchen table/mailroom/home office/homework central into a Shabbat table. Wish us luck!


Commenter Abbi said...

Interesting, my husband returned from Germany at 4:30 am yesterday and my dining room table is also my mailroom/home office/homework central.

No German cookbooks for me, though I do know someone here in Ranaana fluent in German. Try Google translator? I'm sure you could get a great post out of that.

We also have an intrepid pee-er who likes to come to my bed at 5:30 am to announce that she has to pee. As if I lock the door to the bathroom and only open it after a formal request?

Kids are weird!

My 17 month actually loves to hang out in his bed. I can put him in and he can hang out resting and singing to himself for at least an hour, even if he doesn't fall asleep.

Taxman said...

I can ask the (grand)parental units to translate if you would like. Or you can go to www dot babblefish dot com where they have a number of translation programs from German to English (and other language combinations as well). The only challenge is entering those really, really long German words.


Lisa said...

Sorry Gila, I also just used up all my unbehandelten Zitrone & Grei8. Just ran out to Shufersal and they said that they are no longer carrying these items. Not enough demand.

Baila said...

As my yekke grandmother used to say, "Ach tu lieber gottinhimmel!"


Google Translate says it's Ground semolina with marinated berries, and the ingredients are lemon and I have no idea what Grie8 is/are.

Gila Rose said...

full disclosure: grie8 was not the actual ingredient, it was some sort of weird "B" letter that I didn't recognize, so I substituted an "8." I am soooo going to fail my German exam.
So looks like between Taxman's grandparents and the good ol' internet I'll be able to make these recipes! Awesome!
Ground semolina with marinated berries and lemon, here I come!