Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Things that you will always find at the Rose household:

Note: These are not pleasant things, like, "fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies" or "a warm smile." But they are the truth. Messy, but true.

1. A sinkful of dishes. And I do dishes. Often. And yet more somehow appear in the sink, against my will. I think it's kind of like a Toy Story-turned-horror-movie-for-grownups: When I'm not looking, the dishes come alive and stealthily scuttle into the sink, then sit there looking all innoccent when I walk by. Sometimes I could swear I hear snickering.

2. A grocery bag of non-perishables sitting on the kitchen floor. Like Baila, I absolutely abhor all aspects of food shopping, ESPECIALLY the putting away part. So often I lose steam - the ice cream (Ben & Jerry's; don't let the kids see), milk and any other perishables get first priority, then fruits and vegetables...but by the time I'm up to the can of corn, toilet cleaner, and oil, I've had it. Let 'em stay on the floor, I think contemptuously. Eventually, Shabbos comes, and everything gets put away.

3. Speaking of Shabbos, one will also find sundry items that get put away during the pre-Shabbos clean up, only to reappear mere hours later. To wit: The glass measuring cup we use for hot water and the instant shoko. (We've given up on even trying to put away our hot plate. It has earned itself a permanent spot on the counter. It, too, snickers at me.)

4. Empty bottles of water that certain adult members of this household (we will withhold names to protect Donny's privacy) cannot be bothered to place in the bottle garbage can, which, granted, is ALL the way out on the mirpeset. It's gotta be at least ten steps from the table.

5. Packages of tissues. We are overrun with tissues, because at any given moment, at least one of us is suffering from cold/allergies/inability to blow our noses correctly and therefore needs to use large amounts in tissues in a short period of time. (Okay, that last one only applies to one person). If the tissues could talk (and move) they would stage a mutiny and crumple us up and leave us stuffed in the sofa.

6. Glasses/cups on the table. Always. At least double the number of cups as there are people in the family. I have no idea why.

7. Old People Magazines/Entertainment Weekly, sent to us by DADZ. (I'm about 4 months behind in my celebrity gossip - will Jon and Kate patch things up, or is this the end of their marriage??? Did you know Michael Jackson DIED?????)

There are more, of course, but I think I've embarrassed us enough for one night.


Arica said...

Do we live in the same house? Currently there are 2 full sinks of dishes even though I washed dishes after dinner, a Rami Levy bag with a can or corn and a package of flour-purchased 3 days ago, glasses/cups everywhere(my kids leave their cups near the water cooler but never use the same one again so they just congregate there until they join the sink party), millions of packs of tissues(some stuck between the couch cushions, one on the window sill, one on the kitchen table, one on the counter-EVERYWHERE) and last but not least about 25 old People magazines dating back to February. Thank Dadz because rumor has it there are more People's waiting for me at Lisa's! Oh, and in case you were wondering, I do judge people whose house are spotless.

OneTiredEma said...

WORD. To all of it. Except the magazines, and that is only because I let my New Yorker subscription run out before we left. Substitute with books.

Gila Rose said...

Well I am certainly glad it's not just us - messiness loves company! And I am also glad to know that Arica certainly won't be judging ME when she comes over.

kathleen said...

It sounds like my house too! I wash dishes multiple times a day (AND have a dishwasher) yet there's always dishes! I liked your theory- there may be some truth to that- I think I hear snickering too.
I currently have a bag of non-perishables waiting to be put away.
We always have more glasses than the number of people out. Not sure why either.
We have two members of the family who don't know how to blow noses correctly and use an abundance of tissues.
And the magazines are children's papers and everyone's books.
See, it could be my house!

Sharon said...

Yes, it is the same by us as well. One small difference-the hot plate situation. When I was pregnant with Ezra, I decided not to take out the hot plate. Week after week we ate room temp. food on shabbos. One week Moish asks in that oh-so-gentle-I-don't-want-to-upset-my-pregnant-wife way "Is something wrong with the hot plate?" To which I replied: "No, I just can't put it away."

faith/emuna said...

now that you mention it i have lettuce in one of those bags, guess i should put it away
like your dishes/toy story theory, also works for laundry by me.
also have more cups then people (and we have alot of people) but i have a tray that keeps them in one place and makes me feel better.

Risa said...

As you've noted, you are in good company. I used to be a neat person and then came to the conclusion that one cannot have a neat house with little kids. Like meat and cheese, neatness and young children just don't go together.

Gila Rose said...

well, I am honored to be in such esteemed company. and here I was, thinking I was alone in having bags of groceries on the floor.
risa - well said!

faith/emuna said...

cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk while it is still snowing
my mission statement
(btw it is attributed to phylis diller )

Karen said...

Hi - just stumbled on your blog for the first time - want to tell you that it's excellent - so well-written and so true! this post about "truths" is a mirror of our home. especially the sinks and the cups on the table. I have in fact become a bit of a cup-Nazi - my kids now know that they take one cup at the beginning of the day and use it for the whole day. might be unhygeinic but better for them than an irate mother!!!well done on your great blog!!!

Gila Rose said...

welcome karen! we love blog stumblers! glad to have you with us.