Friday, November 6, 2009

"They're turning around. They're taking us back to Germany."

Yes folks, on Sunday, Donny leaves us for a week (I know what you're thinking - AGAIN???) to take part in AGC (Annual Geek Conference) being held in Berlin. Luckily, for us and for him, he will be flying back late Thursday night/early Friday morning and thus avoid having to spend Shabbos in Berlin. And, for those of you history geeks, this week marks the anniversary of Kristellnacht and the fall of the Berlin Wall. So, certainly, an, um, interesting week to be in Germany.

While Donny was warned by some not to walk around with his kippah on his head, others have assured him that today, the Germans are quite friendly toward the Jews. There's even all manner of kosher food in Berlin. In fact, today, Donny was at the store, buying some provisions in the form of tuna and crackers, and he saw that on the tuna it said, "Made in Germany." (Of course, the irony is that if you actually found this tuna in Germany, it would be without a hechsher and therefore treif.)

So we wish Donny a good week and are looking forward to his return next Friday.

For those of you who still have not decided whether to join us at our Virtual Kiddush tomorrow, there's still time! It's going to be virtually awesome! All manners of virtual delicacies will be provided, so just show up and enjoy yourselves! It starts at 11:00, your time.

Shabbat Shalom!

PS The title of this blog post is a quote from a movie. Extra poofahs to whomever (besides you, Mom and Dadz) can correctly name the movie!


miriamp said...

One of the Indiana Jones movies. ack, too many of them had Nazis. It's the blimp that turns around, but i don't remember if it's Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade.


last crusade - dadz remember and I didn't. I hope to see everyone at the virtual kiddush - please save me a virtual seat.

Gila Rose said...

good work miriamp and dadz! poofahs all around!