Friday, March 19, 2010

Bye Bye Big Time

Thank you to everyone who commented and expressed excitement about our impending TV debut. In the process, we also unearthed some new commenters/Loyal Readers: Handmade, a fellow Modiinite; Lisa, "long-time reader, first time commenter;" and Esther, who has been secretly following for months, but now publicly declared her Loyalty. So welcome and enjoy your cashew-covered chocolate matzah delight!

Sadly, it seems our 15 minutes are over before they even started. As I suspected, the producers weren't interested in doing a show based around The Rose's Pile of Rubble. But they are looking for people in Israel who have bought property that actually live in said property. So if YOU are interested in becoming a House Hunter International, you can get in touch with Kristen at kristen NEKUDAH lombardo STRUDEL leopardfilms NEKUDAH com. Be sure to tell her aliyahbyaccident sent you!

In other news, Donny has arrived back at the homestead with presents galore. Everyone got something they wanted: Ariella received her very own hopscotch mat, Yaakov got his very own Leapster, and I did not have to take out the garbage last night.

Meanwhile, Yaakov continues to impress us with his Pesach knowledge. He knows all about the ten makkot, Kriat Yam Suf, and seder rituals. In fact, he's come up with some cool traditions of his own. We were looking through a haggadah and I asked him what we break during "yachatz." He correctly responded "matzah." Wow, I thought, let's try another one.
"And karpas? We dip the vegetables in water, right? And what do we put in the water? Lots and lots of....?"
"Cheese," he promptly responded.
So if you're looking for a truly different kind of night, Yaakov is your guide!


OneTiredEma said...

Hey, cheese is salty! I concur with his interpretation. Kapayim l'Yaakov!

Risa said...

I love Yaakov's interpretation- carpas and cheese: if you use potatoes, then it's like potatoes-au-gratin. (Add some parsley for taste! Or perhpas he had fondu in mind.) On another note, I also view it as a present when my husband takes out the garbage. (Somehow, it has become his responsibility.) Lastly, as a loyal reader and avid commentor (commentator?) I was wondering if I was entitled to a chocolate covered ABA matzah with cashews.

Gila Rose said...

risa, there's always a cashew-and-chocolate-covered-matzah for you.

Baila said...

So if I sign up for HouseHunters, being that I already bought a place, do I have to pretend I'm looking at the first two houses that I buy? You mean it's all a set-up? I'm shocked.

(And Risa, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I'm STILL waiting for my ABA tote-bag).

SaraQ said...

Yaakov has a very good idea. In making food for Liel these days veggies always seem better with a little cheddar!

faith/emuna said...

thought of you when i did the kitnoyot squint today