Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Didn't Even WANT to Be Invited

A big thank you to Sharon "Riverdale Forever!" S. for sending me this link, about a Bloggy Boot Camp for mom bloggers. Now, I have to say, I was slightly insulted that aliyahbyaccident was not asked to headline, keynote, provide musical entertainment, or even participate. I mean, we have nearly SIXTY loyal readers, and we are up to thousands of visitors, mainly because Cheryl (used to) press the refresh key a million times a day to see if there was a new post so she wouldn't have to work. But still. Aliyahbyaccident, in a certain, very small, very specific niche, consisting mainly of my family members, is like HUGE. So I'm a little miffed. I mean, okay, I don't know much about "monetizing" or "generating ad revenue," but today, I was up to my 9th coffee at Cafe 443 so it was free, and that definitely generated some revenue for me.

And okay, I don't really "tweet," which probably puts me out of the running for keynote speaker anyway. Good bloggers use Twitter and say things like "maximizing my social media presence" with a straight face. But since I did sign up for an account, once upon a time, I still get random emails telling me that "LakishaMonono is now following you on Twitter!" Always with an exclamation point! Yay!

In other news....Donny continues his tour of the great United States of America. He is finishing his week in Seattle by sitting in the airport all day, because his flight to New York was canceled due to some wind issues in NY. We are starting to forget what he looks like. I am starting to forget what it's like to have adult conversation. But, as Ariella so optimistically put it, "Yaakov, Daddy is coming home soon! Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not the day after that, but the day after THAT!" Soooooo soon.

Yaakov continues to learn about Megillat Pesach. Ariella continues to try and patiently explain that there is no Megillat Pesach; it's called the Haggadah. Yaakov refuses to believe this. Today's halachic tidbit from Yaakov:
"Mommy when we wash our hands on Pesach we do NOT say a bracha. Because because because Hashem, is in the sky. And He knows."

So be careful out there, kids. Hashem is in the sky. And He knows.


LeahGG said...

I meant to tag you for my new meme thing... but I don't know your email address. consider yourself tagged.

Dadz said...


Sharon said...

Woo Hoo - excellent shout out. Thanks.

Risa said...

Yaakov seems to know much more about Pesach than Eliyahu, which is okay since he is older. Eliyahu colored a page in school with all things "chametz" that included his beloved cupcakes, cheerios and cookies. He understood that we can't eat these things on Pesach, which made him upset. I explained to him that Grandma (my mother) knows how to make cookies for Pesach. So, now he thinks that on Pesach we eat Matza and cookies! (I didn't explain about the kosher for Pesach "Crispios" because that's just setting him up for further disaapointment.)

Gila Rose said...

matzah and cookies - that's really what it's all about, essentially, isn't it?