Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looming Ever Closer

First, a Big Welcome and Kappayim to new reader and commenter "Yehudit." Actually, she's not such a new reader - turns out she waited to comment because she was reading through all of the archives. Now that is some serious dedication.

So. It turns out I was, unfortunately, mistaken. There IS, in fact, a massive holiday coming up that requires list-making, cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

Here are the clues that tipped me off:

1. Momz' comment. Vaguely set off some sort of alarm in my head, which I promptly smashed with a brick.

2. The kids requested the "Pesach Music." I, for one, was all ready to listen to my "Never Clean Again!" CD, with classic hits such as "Crunch! Crunch! Cereal On My Floor!" "Dust Bunny Love," and "Can't Do Those Dishes (All Night Long)." However, I was vetoed.

3. Lisa called me "to discuss seder." I told her that everything was "b'seder" and attempted to hang up. She kept on talking; I recall the words "potatoes" "wine" and "seder plate" being mentioned at some point. Must investigate.

But despite my brave attempts to ignore and hide from reality, it seems that I cannot be in denial any longer. (No, that was not meant as a Pesach pun.) Pesach is coming. There, I said it.

[Deep cleansing breath.] Ok, I'm ready for it. 3 weeks spent in a money-spending, cabinet-emptying, pasta-eating, toy-washing (very necessary; don't ask) frenzy.

But, followed by a week of matzah and butter. Kind of balances out, in the end.


Arica said...

When Lisa called me to ask when we are going Pesach shopping I almost hung up on her(instead I told her to call me again next week and then hung up). She likes to plan ahead, I didn't get that gene.

Risa said...

Don't forget the song: "Matza, Matza man. I've got to be a matza man." Only slightly better than hearing a toddler sing "di di yanu" 17 times over. Look on the bright side, you get to eat chametz one day earlier. (A small consolation for having to sift through all the "pesach" food to eliminate all the kasher l'achlei kitniyot items.)

Baila said...
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Baila said...

That has got to be the most upsetting post you've ever written.

And I say that with love.


I don't want to gloat or anything (oh, yes I do) but for the second time in 35 years of homemaking I am NOT (did you read correctly? yes you did) making Pesach this year. I walk through SMM (you Baltimoreans know what that stands for and it isn't something inappropriate - Risa, stop thinking that way) happily buying chometz and laughing at the crowds standing in the aisles wondering which delectable kind of dressing they should adorn their pesach salads with and whether those "frosty-o's" might be just a tad more resilient this year and stay crunchy for 1.5 seconds before turning to mush. I'm enjoying this, I gotta say. Thanks, Aaron and Ayelet, and thanks hotel.

margalit said...

I have already spent $500 on Pesach foods and that has not included matzoh, a turkey, ftuits and veggies and any dairy products. I did get some awesome cakes, however.

Risa said...

Momz- Yes. I know what SMM stands for- I often shop at Seven Mile Market. (One proofreading mistake and people automatically think you have a dirty mind. Don't my good girl persona and all my past whitty comments count for anything?) Good for you that you are going to a hotel. You've earned it after making Pesach all these years! Perhaps next year we'll bring out the Box O' Plagues!

Gila Rose said...

You see, Lisa, we're on to you.

Momz I fear you've made yourself a lot of enemies.

OneTiredEma said...

this calls for an emergency planning session at cafe hillel. or aroma. or cup of joe. whatever's good for you. text me.

(heh heh, word verification is "undip"...someone doesn't like the dipping at the seder!)