Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Over. I'm tired.


Purim, as usual, was a big WHOOSH! Blink and it's over. Sunday morning we were out bright and early (while it was still bright outside) to deliver our mishloach manot. At one point, Ariella complained she was thirsty; it brought back fond memories of delivering mishloach manot with DADZ (through some quirk of the calendar, Purim is always, ALWAYS during tax season, but DADZ always took off for deliveries and seudah). Us kiddies would be sitting in the car, snarfing down junk food as soon as it entered the car, and inevitably we would soon be complaining of thirst, hoping with every house that THIS would be the family that included some sort of drink in their mishloach manot, and finally, finally, when we hit gold - usually a warm juice box or an equally warm small bottle of grape juice - we would fight over it like it was the remote control when WWWF and She-Ra, Princess of Power were on at the same time.

Luckily, Ariella soon scored with a Tropit. Yaakov was ignoring any thirst issues by happily sucking on a lollipop (I believe his 50th of the chag). His diet yesterday consisted of:

Breakfast: A lollipop
Jelly Beans

Lunch: Half a bagel with cream cheese
3 chocolate chip cookies

Dinner: Two hamantashen
Two wafers

We fortunately were able to complete our deliveries during the two dry hours of the entire day. As we finished our last house, the skies opened up and God unleashed enough rain to, hopefully, "make the Kinnewet ve-e-e-e-ewy, vewy high."

We returned home for Seudah #1 with the Balsam clan, or as Yaakov knows them, LISA and the other people who come with her. Donny read the megillah for the ladies, and then we chowed down on bagels while Donny tried - unsuccessfully - to get our resident teetotaler (Nafi) to drink from his (water-filled) flask. Though Nafi refused, Lisa practically drank Donny under the table.

Then it was time to head to Maaleh Adumim for Seudah #2 with the Sassoons. A fun time was had by all. The kids played, the men drank, the women did everything else. There was dancing and singing, including an original song composed by Robbie. Despite the vast quantities of alcohol at the table, I did not pull a Betty Draper and so remained sober throughout the meal. I drove home, through heavy rain and fog, though Donny was successfully able to navigate, despite his inebriated state.

So all in all, Purim = Big Success. Now everyone's back to regular life; good thing there's no huge holiday coming up that requires massive amounts of list-making, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. I sure am grateful for that.



Let's face it, this is the life of the Jewish woman:

1. Mid Elul through Sukkos: haze of planning, shopping, cooking, shul, eating, cleaning

2. Post sukkos for about 1 month: ahhhhh

3. Beginning of kislev to end: plan, buy potatoes, make sufganiot, plan party, get gifts

4. End of Chanukah - Tu B'Shvat - ahhhh only have to buy dried apricots.

5. Tu B'Shvat- end of Pesach: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

6. Sefirah - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

7. Shavuos - start dreading the 3 weeks

8. 3 weeks - ugh

9. After 9Av - get ready for Elul

I am glad I can share my positive life view with all of you.

sbad said...

Can I come live in your house where there is no massive holiday coming up? In my house there is a hysterical woman running around saying things like "now we REALLY have to clean for pesach, this is NOT A JOKE ANYMORE!", and "don't you DARE leave the kitchen with that pretzel/cracker/sandwich"...

Donny said...

Excuse me, Momz, but if there is one thing that I've learned in all these years, it is that there is DEFINETLY a step #10 in the year, and it is best captured in this catchy song:



Gila Rose said...

Sbad - I don't know what you're talking about.

And my favorite chag is Election Day.

Gila Rose said...

Momz you get a check plus for your comment!


thanks, Gils

Yehudit said...

Ok. I just finished your entire blog (archives and all) and it is hysterical. Just a side note about the feminine product discussion that you blogged about a few times ago...My 7 year old daughter asked my 15 year old daughter what a feminine product was when she saw one, and my 15 yr. old replied that it was used for nosebleeds. Fast forward two weeks when I was packing for a trip and Daniella (7 yr old) says to me when she saw my box of feminine products, "mommy, you sure are planning to have a lot of nosebleeds on your trip." always nice when the children get completely wrong information like that from their elders.

kathleen said...

Can I live at the house where no massive holiday is coming up too?? My 3 yr old has decided that anything with crumbs must be carried throughout the house.
I laughed at Yehudit's comment about your previous feminine products post so then my children wanted me to read it to them. They didn't get it, I thought it was really funny though!!

Gila Rose said...

hilarious, yehudit. maybe you should see a doctor about that nosebleed problem.