Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guess What It's Time For?

Well, it looks like enough time has passed for me to collect some more random thoughts and present you with another edition of Ramblings! Maybe one of these days I'll do a "Best of Ramblings" post.

1. Tzitzit. We reward little boys who have (sort of) mastered using the toilet by presenting them with something that makes their newly acquired skill really, really difficult to do. Raise your hand if you have ever witnessed a small boy doing a frantic pee pee dance while attempting to remove his tzitzit.

2. I would like someone to invent a Weasley clock, but for shul. For those muggles among you, the Weasley clock was a device in the Harry Potter books which told where each member of the family was at all times. So the hand would move to "traveling" for example, when Mr. Weasley was on his way home. Ahhh, good old Mr. Weasley. Love that guy. But I digress.

How great would it be if we had a clock at home that told us what they were up to in shul? So you could plan exactly when to leave in order to get there for the important parts (adon olam and kiddush)?

"Haftorah - time to get dressed!"

"Oh - finished kedushah! Time to leave!"

I would have paid large sums of money on Simchat Torah if I knew when there were at hakafah #4, so we could get to shul with just enough time to dance a little and go under the tallit for Kol HaNearim. Instead, I never plan correctly, and we're either rushing and sweaty or get there way, way too early. Not sure which is worse. (Also, I haven't exactly been to shul in months, but that's another post.)

3. There are two new blogs on the blogroll. One is by none other than MOMZ, who started a new blog called "diettalk." No, that's not "Die, Talk!" as I originally thought. It's "Diet Talk." Momz is on a diet because she needs to have lots of energy for when she and DADZ move to Israel and watch our kids on weekends so we can fly to Paris and stuff. Right, Momz?

Then there is Isreview, in which our intrepid Reviewer tastes new products on the Israeli market and tells us all about them. Be thankful that Daniela has tasted the new "sour krembo" so you don't have to.

4. The Chanukah miracle on Purim: We manage to take a holiday of only one day and make it last a whole month!

Gotta run! Time for dinner!


Isreview said...

"Then there is Isreview, in which our intrepid Reviewer tastes new products on the Israeli market and tells us all about them."

Oh MY Goodness thank you so much for the "plug" and your kind words! You are so sweet I totally appreciate it!!
Thank You, Thank you ,Thank you!

Oh and your clock idea and Chanukah miracle on Purim...too funny!!

Chag Purim Sameach

Baila said...

Hello--time for dinner? How hard is it to take the yogurt out of the fridge? Sheesh, you could have stuck around for a FEW more lines...

OneTiredEma said...

Baila, THURSDAY is yogurt for dinner day (for the kids) because of ToTh.

miriamp said...

Little boy runs to Ima, asks her to tie up his tzitzits. Ima grabs front half and back half and ties them into a single knot over little boy's shoulder. Little boy uses bathroom and then unties tzitzits himself.

No? Isn't that how it works?

Gila Rose said...

Tired, I know I can always count on you to understand the intricacies of our lives.

Risa said...

I have definitely seen the tzitit pee-pee dance. However, lately, a certain almost 3.5 year old has decided that he doesn't want to wear tzitzit. When asked how he'll feel when the Morahs call on the boys to make the bracha on tzitzit, he responds: "Don't worry. I won't get upset." Another one of his innovations: kippot belong in my pocket, not on my head. So, a blog about how to get your 3 or 4 year old son to keep tzitzis on the back and kippot on the head would be appreciated.

Risa said...

BTW-this year it's an extra special miricle- the holiday of Purim can last two months!
(Sorry for the misspelling of tzitzit and switching from "ashkasfard" or "sfardanaz" in my previous comment.)

Gila Rose said...

Yeah, Yaakov's not so into wearing his tzitzit every day either. And if the kippah is still on his head when I pick him up, it's a miracle. He actually said to me once, "Mommy, I am going to run now, so can you hold my kippah for me?"
So no tips from me, although perhaps a future blog post...

Chaya said...

We use "perftzitzis", which are the ones that are like t-shirts with strings (no snaps or anything). Let's just say that I started off washing them on delicate and hanging them up to dry, meticulously (ok, never really meticulously) sticking the strings in the clever pockets. Now--they go in with bleach, on the whitest whites super hot setting, and in the dryer till toasty...
And when my 5 yo was first getting the hang of toilet training, holding his kippah while he went to the bathroom was a special honor he would bestow as if it was a kibud at a wedding or something.
And, I still LOVE that at this point, whenever he starts running or doing something really active, one hand automatically goes up to temporarily grab the kippah. Don't know why, but I love it!
Although, when I start my unnamed because someone else took the name, site with hacks for frum life, how to wash kippahs will be one of the first things to hack. Because I ruin them all-bucharian, suede, velvet, srugi, all of em.
I really want to keep talking about this stuff. The alternative is hitting the kitchen to cook and bake and bake and bake.
Freilichen Purim!

Gila Rose said...

Yes! The automatic kippah grab! is it a genetic boy thing? Every time Yaakov does it I am brought back twenty years or so and watching my brother do the EXACT same thing.

Love the kippah kibbud -- too funny!

MomzWifeofDADZ said...

I used to love it when I drove TA carpool (boy's yeshiva in Baltimore) and would go early to watch the boys play ball. Seeing them do the kippah grab and watching the tzitzis fly while they played ballgave me happy chills for some reason.

Kathleen said...

I laughed at the tzitzit pee pee dance because my 4 year old does that too while he strips off his tzitzit & shirt. He also does not want to wear his kippot even though we have tried to tell him that's what "big boys" wear and that Daddy wears his. He doesn't really want to wear the tzitzit either. So, I'm with Risa, a future blog post would be good :-)

Kate Stern said...
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