Monday, March 7, 2011

Middle-of-the-Week Ramblings

Ramblings: Good any time of day or night!

The Mozzarella That Wasn't
Last week, I purchased 1.5 containers of shredded mozzarella from a supermarket chain, which I shall not name, but let's just say it rhymes with Shami Zevi. I was going to use this cheese in my lasagna, which holds a special place in our home as a Dinner Which Everyone In the Family Eats That is Not Pizza or Ice Cream. I like buying shredded cheese from this particular store because they have big bowls of it already shredded, so no need to wait.

However, as I was sprinkling the cheese on the lasagna, I noticed it was very fine. And not in a "Oh, that cheese is f-i-i-i-n-e" sort of way. I checked the sticker on the container. It said mozzarella. However, when I tasted it, it was most definitely parmesan. I was a bit disappointed because, much as I like parmesan, I didn't really think it would work on lasagna. So we had "noodles with sauce and parmesan" for dinner instead. I was considering going and complaining (for about half a second, till I realized it would involve leaving my house), and then I saw that I had been charged the cheaper mozzarella price for 1.5 containers of the more expensive parmesan. I could just hear the conversation:

Me: You sold me parmesan instead of mozzarella. I would like to register a complaint.
Cheese Dude: I sold you parmesan and charged you only for mozzarella? That will be 26.50 NIS, please.

So I decided to just keep the cheese and find some creative uses for it. Maybe build a ski slope for the Little People.

Pajama Girl, The Sequel
After all my bragging about how Ariella's Purim costume was going to be so easy, because she was going to be pajama girl, they decided this year, in her school, to have pajama day on Wednesday! Nooooooo! However, Ariella told me she could still do pajama girl for Purim - she'll just wear different pjs. That's my girl! Let's hope she doesn't change her mind erev Purim when all the costumes are sold out and she's forced to dress up as Contents of the Hamper.

Critical Thinking from Yaakov
After reading "Dirah L'Haskir" (a classic Israeli children's book, in which there is a vacancy in an apartment and different animals come to look at it and decide whether or not they want to live there), Yaakov informed me, "This story can't really happen. Because the nemala (ant) is walking instead of crawling!" So, the whole talking-animals-renting-apartments thing is totally cool, but an upright ant? Could never happen! The inner workings of Yaakov's brain. I will never truly understand them, but they make things interesting.

Time to Play: Where in the World is Donny?
Traveling once again, to Seattle. But fear not. Grey's Anatomy has been downloaded, and my box of Cocoa Krispies has been purchased. Donny who?


Kelli Brown said...

Pshaw! You would know it was a contemporary Israeli children's story if one of the animals parents bought them the apartment just before mating season. Or that they all just looked at the apartment longingly in search of a down payment.
Contents of the Hamper sounds like a winner. ;)

Baila said...

Now I know what I'm going to dress up on Purim. But I will not be wearing Isaac's smelly socks, so no worries.

Kalany said...

I am not missing the irony that Donny is in Seattle and you are watching the drama of Seattle Grace. You are secretly hoping to see Donny in the background as the camera pans the Space Needle or as ambulances fly down the street. You know deep down that this was filmed months ago and Donny cannot possibly be an extra, but part of you will still be searching for him... I won't make you admit it.

MomzWifeofDADZ said...

So that's what happens when you lose Sundays - Monday becomes the middle of the week.

faith/emuna said...

contents of hamper -gotta remember that, my 2 youngest actualy picked out something from the 4 boxes of costumes that *we already own*, so you KNOW that they will change their mind last minute, how do you translate contents of hamper to hebrew? do i need to put a sign on their backs my mom is a lOyAl reader of aba?

Isreview said...

You had me laughing thinking about the cheese counter conversation!

I too had to check the calendar to see if it was Tuesday already :)but truth is Monday does feel like mid-week here.
MomzWifeofDADZ - did you hear Silvan Shalom is campaigning to make Sunday an official day off, wonder if it will ever really happen.

Gila Rose said...

Kelli, to you I say LOL man, LOL. You speak the truth!

Baila, I think we would all appreciate some pictures. An new blog post, perhaps?

Kally - I was thinking the same thing re Seattle. Actually, I'm watching season 4, which was filmed years ago, so maybe I'll catch a glimpse of him during a past trip to Microsoft? You never know.

f/e - I think "ichsah" would work as a good translation.

Daniela - doesn't it feel like midweek already? I'm ready to start looking forward to Shabbos.

Shani Berger said...

In my online search for costumes I discovered that "laundry" is an actual costume. Wear a pair of sweats and safety pin socks,underwear etc to it (hopefully clean ones!). My son did not go for it though.

OneTiredEma said...

Bizarrely, AM told me a couple of days ago that ants WALK, instead of CRAWLING. (Although maybe he got it from the book?)

Are we sure they're in the same gan?

Gila Rose said...

I don't think he was darshining "walk" vs "crawl," it was more "upright" vs "on the ground."

And probably if you would ask each of them to describe the gan they went to, you'd end up with 2 VERY different pictures.

miriamp said...

I've stood online with my father (as a child) to complain about being undercharged as often as overcharged, and they never ever made us pay the difference. Maybe it's different in Israel? But I would have taken the cheese back either way, because I don't even like parmesan and am not sure my kids would even eat it!

Buri said...

So sorry that this is completely non-sequitur, but I can't figure out how to email you and I think this is the best way to contact you. You have a great blog, and I wanted to show you this new Maccabeats video for Purim I hope you enjoy!

MomzWifeofDADZ said...

Saw the new maccabeats video for Purim. Not as cool as the chanukah one. sorry,guys.

Kathleen said...

The Purim costume ideas are great! contents of the hamper may be just what we wind up with. Maybe the 4 yr old since he probably wouldn't protest.
I wish that lasagna held a place in my home as a Dinner Which Everyone in the Family Eats that is Not Pizza or Ice Cream!! (because those are pretty much the only two things the whole family will eat willingly)