Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Thought

Discuss: Baby sherpas.
(No, not little babies that carry your stuff up Mt. Everest.)
You hire a guy (or a gal) to shlep your baby around on hikes.
Great idea, brilliant idea, or inspired idea? You decide.


Anonymous said...

OK, maybe I'm not creative enough but why not just get a babysitter?

OneTiredEma said...

You throw the baby on your back and make your husband carry everything else: water, snacks, wallets, cellphones, keys, older children who break down halfway through. Whatever. (No? Just me?)

Gila Rose said...

You both have good ideas. I think I just like the way it sounds. Baby sherpas. It's funny! Try it! Baby sherpas. Baby sherpas.

Isreview said...

Just reading it made me laugh! your right it dose sound funny:)