Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's Plenty of Time Left!

Here is the list of everything I've done for Pesach so far.

Impressive, no?

I'm usually not the last minute type. But since Purim (the official start of Pesach Thoughts; starting earlier than that is simply madness. The only person I know who began Pesach cooking and cleaning before Purim is my grandmother, A'H, who had a second oven in her basement and would have the (homemade) gefilte fish cooked by Tu B'Shvat.)

What was I saying? Yes, Purim. Since Purim, someone has been sick (Yaakov, who shared with Nadav, who shared with me, I haven't really slept so much in a week 10 months 7.5 years a while), and I've been busy with actual work. Like the kind I get paid for. Because so far, I have not been hired as the Rose Family Pesach Coordinator. It's more of a volunteer position.

Anyway, I did finally get around to at least opening my Pesach documents. The cleaning list, the shopping list, and our notes that we keep from year to year to remind ourselves not to buy yet another cheese grater.

This year, the helpful notes reminded me that: "The cord for the hot water pot is in the soup pot." Good to know! Don't worry, there's not soup in the soup pot also. At least not yet. Hopefully the cord will be taken out by then.

Also, "Tell Rachel about Aviv Wheat Bran Matza." Rachel, consider yourself told.

So that's a start. It would help things if I could stick Nadav in a bubble and just roll him around for the next two weeks (two weeks left? Who said that?) so he doesn't leave a trail of the ground up bits of former food that always seem to be stuck to him.

Wait! I did something else! On Monday I am planning to take the kids for sandals! See? I mean, you can't chew on sandals at the seder (there are for sure kitniot in them), but it's something!

Ha! Looks like the Rose Family Pesach Coordinator is back in action!


Arica said...

Way to procrastinate! Since you dusted off the Pesach documents can you pass along Donny's Pesach granola recipe and any other good ones you feel like sharing...pretty please.

Rachel said... you really think that I wouldn't know about Aviv wheat bran matza? Me? The treat in our house on pesach is white egg matza. But last year, I couldn't find any!!! So when you do your super organized, ahead of time shop, while i'm still taking things out of the machsan and scribbling what we are missing on a piece of scrap paper, can you pick up a few boxes for me?

OneTiredEma said...

When are we Yesh-ing? If we go Sunday I have a friend who wants to come too. It'll be a mini-blogger-fest in the city that probably doesn't allow the internet.

the rabbi's wife said...

your "finished" list and mine look pretty similar. sad. another last-minute Pesach for us!

Gila Rose said...

Arica, I'm working on Donny to write it down. Basically, it's matzah (mixture of whole wheat and reg) covered in a mixture of honey, apples, coconut and oil. Then baked for a loooong time. But I'm not sure of the proportions.

Rabbi's Wife, you're my kind of chick!

Eliana said...

We are planning aliyah for next summer so are just putting our house on the market (who knows how long it will take to sell?) and the thought of any Pesach preparations feels so distant. So of course, I loved this post. I have started reading from the beginning and you seem like such a kindred spirit. I think I laugh out loud at almost every post.
Thank you.

Cheryl said...

I'll take that granola recipe too!!