Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Blogless Week

This post is dedicated to Cheryl, who went out of her way to reprimand me on Facebook for not blogging.

Well, other than the excitement of having Yaakov home with me for 2 days (on Wednesday he had a nasty bout of....well, I don't want to go into too much detail, but let's just say I cleaned his bathroom extra well today. Thursday was the let's-stay-home-and-make-sure-it's-all-gone day. Thankfully it was, so today Yaakov got to enjoy the benefits of staying home while feeling just peachy, and got to play with all the toys without the Dictator telling him how, what, when, and where to play.)

Digression: Yaakov asked me to put his train track together. It is a very simple, oval affair - none of these winding figure eights and bridges and such. You'd think I would be able to do it. Ariella has figured out how to do it and assembles in in two minutes flat. She has patiently explained to me (on more than one occasion) how to do it - something about having 5 straight pieces on each side. And yet, I remain completely inept, tracks-wise. I can never get them to meet; one end always meanders off in some random direction, luring trains and cars to a terrible death. "I can't connect it, Yaakov," I said helplessly. Luckily Yaakov shooed me away and figured something out on his own.

Otherwise, the week has been pretty much status quo. We had some rain and the weather finally got winterish-like, as in, you actually needed a sweatshirt to go outside. When we drove to school one morning in the rain, Yaakov excitedly exclaimed: "Mommy, I see the etzim growing!"


Cheryl said...

Thank you for posting! ...And it was not a reprimand! It was a simple question. And seriously Gila, your mom wasn't nagging you??

Thank you for making my boring workday less boring :o)
Shabbat Shalom! Don't need to blog tomorrow. I'll be in Balto. (not bored at work).

kathleen said...

I'm glad Yaakov is feeling better!! You have a Dictator at your house too? It's always fun to play with all the toys while the Dictator is away at our house too.

Melissa said...


I just found your blog.

I can't wait to come back and read some more.

Good Shabbos!


Gila Rose said...

Cheryl - I need a good FB reminder every so often. Good I can count on you.

Kathleen - thanks - he FINALLY went back to gan today. None too happily, of course.

Melissa - Welcome! Thanks for reading!