Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smadar, A Real Israeli Hero

Some important updates, because I'm sure all the Loyal Readers are on shpilkes and I would like to let you all know that you can, indeed, come down off your shpilkes.

1. Problem: The mysterious "may" that I needed to provide in order to receive pictures of Ariella.
Best Guess: From onetiredema, who ventured that perhaps "may" was "dmei" something - as in some sort of fee that I had to pay. Armed with my PINKAS checkim (wow, it has been a while since I used my favorite word!), I came to tzaharon, ready to shell out whatever funds necessary in order to receive these important pictures of my precious daughter.
Resolution: "May" was "mail" - i.e. if I send Smadar my email, she will send me pictures of the girls in dance class. (I had actually received these pictures Saturday night, but did not put "may" and "mail" together.)

2. Problem: Ariella lost her leotard.
Best Guess: I would have to shell out another NIS 60 to purchase a new one, this time with strict don't-lose-it-or-else instructions. (Since she actually searched the lost and found, to no avail - as opposed to her usual I-scanned-the-general-area-with-my-eyes-without-actually-moving-anything method of searching, I figured it was really and truly lost. By the way, she gets that method from her father.)
Resolution: Smadar to the rescue! She found the leotard last Thursday and safely stowed it away to return to Ariella on Sunday.

So not only did I save the NIS 60, but I saved the Unknown Amount I thought I was going to shell out for the pictures. I'm rich! Who wants to go out and celebrate with me?


OneTiredEma said...

I foresee a trip to the mall. Have you been introduced to the shokolatta at Cafe Hillel?

Or there is always Gelarte.

LeahGG said...

I haven't tried Hillel's shokolatta, although, I must admit I'm kind of intrigued by the hot pureed banana chocolate shake with whipped cream that they have up at Joe...

haven't tried that either, though. Not sure if I'll have time tomorrow.

My neighbor and I are planning on trying to stop the wave of attack... my children's clothes seem to be attacking. the piles seem to be growing, and I can't seem to make sense of them, and I can NEVER find a goshdarned pair of socks.

anyway, if there's to be sweetness at the mall, contact me. LeahGabrielle At G Mail dot com


OneTiredEma said...

LeahGG, you ALSO have a sock eating house???

I thought the worst thing about Modiin was the dust.