Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Dance Performance: A Review

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Tonight I had the privilege of attending a very unique performance. It took place in my living room, and I had a front row seat, ticket courtesy of the performers . What is truly amazing about this show was that the dancers had only one night to practice, and I must say, they pulled it off flawlessly.

The performance was a choreographed dance routine, set to the music of a Jewish holiday tape. (Sorry, CD. Can you believe I still say tape?) There was much spinning, twirling, rolling around on the floor, and high-flying leaps onto the couch. The dancers coordinated their moves in perfect unison. My personal favorite was the Yom Kippur forgiveness song, where the dancers shook hands and hugged each other. I also enjoyed the dreidel song, during which the dancers spun each other around, then fell gracefully onto the floor.

Occasionally, the Head Choreographer would pause to helpfully explain the symbolism of the dance moves to the audience. ("We're pretending to shake a lulav.") Also, there were some snack breaks in between, and sometimes during, the songs. ("I'm going to have a bite of my sandwich now.")

During the second half, however, the beauty and precision of the choreography fell a bit. The routine became a rather frantic, hectic jumble of running around, shrieking, and bumping into each other. The performers began pulling each other around in a laundry basket, then tipped each other over onto the floor. As a spectator, I was, of course, nervous they would harm themselves. Luckily, the dance ended with the performers intact.

Overall, I was wowed with the choreography and beauty of the performance, despite the laundry basket incident. If anyone happens to be in our apartment over the next few days, and is able to catch a few snatches of this one-of-a-kind dance routine, I am sure you will be similarly impressed.


Melissa said...

I'm thinking it sounds like "Emmy Award" winning material.

I still say tape, too.


If you can get their autographs for me, I'd appreciate it.

proswet654 said...

很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油.........................

kathleen said...

That sounds like a premier dance performance!

Gila Rose said...

And there might be another one coming up...stay tuned!