Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Know What You're Thinking

A wise old person once said: "When there is no more room in your cup holders for your coffee, it's time to throw away the old coffee cups."

Question: Do you think I am traumatizing Yaakov for life by discussing his bed-wetting issue on Facebook? And now, apparently, on the blog? I'm hoping that by the time he's old enough to care, "Facebook" and "blogging" will be archaic relics of the past; instead we will all be zapping Mind Messages to each other. (It could be dangerous, so of course you'd have to check off in your brain which thoughts are "Private" which are for "Friends" which are for "Friends of Friends" and which are for "Everyone." You'd want to avoid broadcasting to the world, that while it looks like you're talking to your coworker about blabbedy blah, what's really on your mind is whether your husband mailed that thing, and if he didn't, how you are absolutely going to kill him because it has to be in this week, and you've reminded him over and over and as usual, he waited until the last minute, and then, wait, is the umbrella in the car? Or did I bring it in with me? Shoot.)

In other exciting news, this has been a week of two Loyal Readers, and one loyal reader. As you know, lower-case loyal reader "Rachel" has been in Israel this past week, gallivanting around Modi'in and Jerusalem. Then, on Monday, I got to have lunch with Loyal Reader "SaraK," also visiting the Holy Land during this holiday season. SaraK is one of those rare people who, instead of saying, "I'm going to be in Israel, maybe we can go out?" and then promptly forgetting all about it, actually did call me and we went to - don't you know this by now? - the MALL, where we had lunch at Roladin and then Frozen Yogurt with Stuff In It.

While at Roladin, we ran into my Cousin and Friend Ahava, also doing some Holy Land gallivanting this week. Tonight, Leezy, Ahava, and I had a Cousins and Friends dinner at Angelo's. (Which is - are you sitting? - not in the mall. Hey, you gotta have some variety in life.)

And then everyone returns to their respective places and jobs and families. Life goes back to its normal, every day normalness, with lots of wet laundry and no excuse to go out for lunch and dinner and Frozen Yogurt With Stuff In It. So if any local Loyal Readers would like to get together this week and make up some reason to celebrate (the groceries are finally put away!), let me know. Just send me a Mind Message.


faith/emuna said...

just in case you didnt get my mind msg, would you like to meet in the mall next wk, ive never even seen the frozen yogurt place, and i am scheduled for a breakdown since my oldest is joining the army on thur, and frozen yogurt sounds more virtous then ben and jerrys.

SaraK said...

I have to keep up my celebrity meetings, even when I am not in NYC :) You are the creator of this blog, so you must have SOME celeb status.
Thanks again for Monday, it was really fun!

OneTiredEma said...

I don't know, I think I will always have a place in my heart for gchat. It brought us together for the Tired Blogging Mother of Modiin Shabbat Lunch Plan...half the work, all the fun, and ending early enough for naps....

Gila Rose said...

f/e - I think for sending a child to the army, you deserve both b&j AND frozen yogurt.

saraK - whenever tvguide wants to interview me, just let me know.

tired - looking forward to the annual? weekly? monthly? TBMMSLP!