Monday, August 25, 2008

The Big Week

Motzei Shabbos, right after Purim, Donny left for the week of Interviews and Real Estate. He had spoken to his managers at work and they were very supportive of the transfer.
His week was beyond successful. In his own words, "On Monday, I got a job in Haifa. On Tuesday, I got a job in Herziliyah. On Wednesday, I found a house to buy. On Thursday, I opened a bank account and signed a power of attorney with a lawyer. On Friday, I got an accepted bid on the house. On Saturday, I rested." Donny spent Shabbos in ZY, where our potential new house was. He even had a chance to meet with the principal of the school there. The house was brand new, and we were buying directly from the builder. It had pretty much everything we wanted, and having it new but not having to go through the painful process of actually building it was fantastic.
The job transfer was bright and positive. The Haifa team was in the same division working on sister products to what he was already doing in LI. They didn't have a position for him yet, but we were hopeful something would work out. In Herziliyah, there were more openings, but location was not as good to ZY, so we put that one on the back burner.

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