Monday, August 25, 2008

Go anyway? ... uh, no.

That day, we both briefly considered going through with aliyah anyway. We had gotten to be more "aliyah people" since the whole process started, and we were looking foward not only to the better life that we were going to, but also to living in Israel. We discussed the pros and cons. Pros - we wanted to go, I had already given up my job at SAR and we were leaving our house anyway, we were pretty far into the process, and we wanted to go! Plus, I had already posted that we were going on my Facebook status.
Cons - no job is scary enough in America, but worse in Israel. We would eat through our savings. Going and failing was worse than not going at all. We would have to pay all the moving expenses ourselves.
Over the next two days, we decided to cancel aliyah. (I even amended my Facebook status.) I wished for the time when my biggest concern was another trip to Israel. Haha on me.

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