Monday, August 25, 2008

Packing up

So the end of school approached, with all that craziness - I had to finish my anecodtals and clean out my stuff, plus we had to pack up our house. We planned to put our stuff into storage, at a self-storage place in Hauppague. We had really done all the weeding before, when we thought we were making aliyah, so it was just the physical packing we had to do, not the "Are we keeping this?" stuff. We donated what we could - our old dressers (which were my brother's and sister's from when they were little), an old computer desk, clothes, books, etc etc etc. As we were packing up boxes, Donny was labeling certain boxes with items that were not going to make aliyah. There was always the possibility that MS would come up with a job for Donny over the summer and if we hadn't finalized anything for next year, we would go. I asked Donny if he thought it was really possible that we would go straight from our "cell" to aliyah. He thought it was a small possibility, so we planned accordingly. I, ever the doubter, did not see how that would possibly happen.
We packed up the car with everything we would need for the summer - suitcases of clothes and many boxes of odds and ends, like medicines, toys, cookbooks, a beach towel, and an umbrella. On Thursday, June 26th, I drove with the kids down to Baltimore and Donny moved us into the cell. We were now officially homeless!

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