Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caught up

So now I have caught up on our lives up to date. Camp has ended, the lift has left, and the shopping is winding down (but not finished yet, don't worry.) I got a membership at the JCC, and last week took the kids every afternoon to the pool and playground. They had a blast there. There were still 3 weeks between camp and aliyah. We are finished Week One and in the middle of Week Two. Last Friday, Donny, Dadz and I took the kids to Dutch Wonderland, a favorite childhood haunt of mine. It was nice to do something on a Friday besides shop. The kids had a blast, as did Dadz and I. (That's where the pics are from.) This week is Ariella's Hep A shot (at Yaakov's checkup back in April, we were still going to Israel, so he got his shot. At Ariella's checkup in May, we had canceled the plans, so I never got her shot.) Wednesday is Yaakov's tubes, Thursday is Fun with Sabba, and Friday is pictures. We also started the packing process last night, using those fun suck the air out of your clothes bags. We got our temporary cell phones, our American Vonage number, our visas, and ordered the final piece of luggage. We STILL have not signed the lease, but that is hopefully happening very soon. I am also starting to plan for our arrival and trying to find out where to get all the things done in Modi'in. The list includes registering Ariella for school, finding something for Yaakov, phones, internet, health insurance a bank, buying a fridge, etc etc etc.

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