Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The lift leaves

The week after Tisha b'Av was momentous for the Leibtag children. On Monday, my brother and family moved out to Chicago. On Tuesday, Leezy and Elie's lift was packed up. And on Thursday, our lift was packed. In the end, there were some items that had to be cut. The saddest ones were the relatively new art table my mother had bought for Ariella, and the glider and ottoman which I LOVE. We decided it would be cheaper to rebuy that stuff than pay the extra money to ship it. Donny said when he saw the container, he panicked and thought there was no way everything would fit. Basically, when they unpack it in Israel, our mattreses are going to fall on someone's head. It is really stuffed. He showed me what a 20-ft container looks like, and I think if I had been there I would have passed out on the spot, because it looks like it can fit a few boxes of books and maybe a tea kettle. Somehow, though, they packed up our 3-bedroom home, complete with a new washer/dryer, 2 aronot, and new beds for the kids.

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