Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pilot Trip

In November, we scheduled a pilot trip to Israel. My parents came up to NY for a week to take care of the kids. We left on Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, right after PT conferences at SAR. Donny scheduled "informationals" at the 2 Microsoft offices (in Haifa and Herziliyah). It was too early for interviews, since we wouldn't make aliyah until the summer. We had a very successful week. Donny had great meetings with the people he met at MS, and we spent some time in Zichron Yaacov, which was 20 minutes from Haifa. We spent Shabbos in Ranaana.
On Thursday (Thanksgiving) we had some free time, so we bought presents in Jerusalem and had Thanksgiving dinner with Donny's family. On Friday we headed out to Hashmonaim to see Nafi and Lisa, and we went to some stores in Modi'in.
We arrived back in America on Sunday, very excited that the first phase of our planning had gone so well.

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