Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Kids

In case you were wondering, Ariella and Yaakov were having a fantastic time in their respective camps, Smiley and Giggles. Ariella basically did art projects all day with similar-minded girls, so she was in 7th heaven. Even though she came back talking about "Bunk Bais" and saying "al netilas yadayim" after 3 years of a solid SAR education (and talking with a New York accent - go figure), she was having a blast. One of Ariella's morahs even ran a camp on Tisha B'Av! How awesome is that? The past 2 summers Ariella had gone to Gan Izzy in Riverdale - which she also loved, but was about 4 times the price. They had pony rides, trips, baby yoga, concerts, etc, which was amazing, but as I realized this summer, unnecessary. If you have incredible, sweet, creative morahs, and LOTS of fuse beads, what more do you really need? She was beyond thrilled. The only part I wasn't thrilled about was making LUNCHES for the first time in my life. We went through a lot of peanut butter (Ariella) and jelly (Yaakov). Yaakov was also having a good time at camp, although if you ask him what he did all he said was "Cars" and "Bubbles." Every so often he would burst into song as well, so I assume they did something else.

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