Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Packing the lift, and Gila goes shopping

In New York, Donny had to pack up our things for the lift. Every night after work, Donny went to our cell to go through all of the boxes to really weed out which stuff was coming on aliyah and which was not. (The conversation we had - Are we really going to make aliyah straight from our cell? - kept coming back to me.) He scheduled our lift. The choices were a 20-ft container or a 40-ft container. We figured our stuff was now in a container a little larger than 20 feet - if we got rid of some items, even if we had to buy some more stuff, everything should more or less fit. In the meantime, I spent almost every day shopping, with that pre-aliyah panic of ohmigodiwillneverbeabletobuyclothingagain. Whoo-hoo! Charge it, please! The credit card company actually called us to make sure there was no fraud because we had been using it so much. (Ironically, there was some fraud on the card - but it wasn't the reason they had called. Luckily it was caught early and we got a new credit card.)

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